Futures and options in dhan

As early dhan customer super excited with the features as i am not able to see how to add any additional segment of futures and options if not opted. If i am searching in wrong way please guide.

Hi Maniram,

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To apply for Futures and Options please click on your profile picture and go to “My Profile”, you will get an option to upload your document there.

wanted to know if the Derivative segment options like these is avaialable?

Basket Order
Instant Margin required view
Hedge Margin Benifit

Hey Pavan :wave:

Basket Order - We have something interesting in works here, will keep you posted.
Instant Margin - Margin required is shown while placing an order.
Hedge Margin - It’s available when you take a position.

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Hi, is Far OTM option trading allowed in Dhan or some limit is there?

Hi @Skc, we allow far OTM Index option trading given the min OI should be 10 lot.

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Hi @pavz we have updated our basket order, now it is available for all segments, with Adjusted Margin required hedged with benefits. Please have a look here

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This is great news Naman & team ! Thnx :handshake: