Futures Summary

Hi @Naman @PravinJ ,

Current summary page looks too bulky which also makes it slow in loading all the information and drawing the unwanted widgets on a summary page.

I would suggest to include the most important information of Change in OI header in the Futures Snapshot section and knock it off individual expiry sections from the summary page. Also, show row in bottom which shows total of Change in OI.

OI Breakup shows OI in the decimal format which is incorrect, it should be always integer. Please correct that as well.

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Hi @pushpa

Thanks for writing this to us. All your feedbacks are noted. We will evaluate this.

Hey @Naman ,

It will be really interesting and powerful, if @Dhan can make a single page for F&O summary because data analysis of both futures and options gives much more confidence to a trader.

Generally, options data is used for finding key support/resistance levels of the underlying and futures data is used to gauge the intensity of the momentum.