Generate P/L and dividend report in a ITR friendly manner

Hi it could be a very weird request but i think it will be really beneficial for many.
Can dhan provide ltcg/stcg/dividend in the form as we populate in ITR
e.g separate ltcg/stcg/dividend in the following time frame.
1 Apr to 15 Jun
16 Jun to 15 Sep

I hope your team understood this request.


Hi @sainiamit We would be sharing the Tax PNL which could be used for your tax filing purpose. It will have all the required details.


is this feature available now? I don’t see dividends in the reports.

@jyotihugar The dividends are not a part of Tax Report for now. It will be included in the next release.

Dear @iamshrimohan , the tax pnl statements are faulty as highlighted multiple times in the past. Thats the very basic a trader can expect from @Dhan

@Hiya We have revamped the tax reports by actively taking feedback from our user community and are picking up things one at a time. Incase you see any discrepancies in your report, do write to us at we will be happy to assist you