Grouping stocks in a portfolio and a facility to track individual groups ala watchlists

Is it a good idea to provide an option to group stocks in a portfolio, say, grouping by a theme. The UI would be identical to “named watchlists” but with group’s investment, current value and P&L . The use-case is to track how individual themes (long-term, momentum, IT, pharma et. al) are performing. Bonus points if you could provide for splitting a stock % between two themes if it appears under both themes :slight_smile:

Hi @Sunil

Yes, sounds like a great idea… but this is very difficult to execute. Its like money in bank account, when you add money at different times - its all together. Same for stocks in your demat account, all stocks that are added for different reasons are in demat account - they all get mixed up. Only thing we are aware is when they are sold, they are sold as last-in first out manner. Would it be possible later, possibly yes but not at the moment.

To arrange portfolio in a better way, or organising it - we will consider this at some time. It know this is helpful, I do feel it will be of personal value to me as well. So thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

@PravinJ Tags can be used here by the investor which can be used to group the stocks into different tags and accordingly analysis, P&L etc can be done on individual tags. Zerodha does provide an option to tag and allow traders to analyze basis tags.

Yes, at a overall level - tags can be added.

So holdings are sold at Dhan as LIFO and not FIFO? For example - if I bought 100 quantity of a stock at Rs. 1000 and set a sell order at 1100. Bought another 100 at 1050 and set sell order for the same at 1150. Now the sell triggered at 1100 would be of the one bought at 1050?

Hi @gegobyte

This is standard across all stock broking platforms, not just at Dhan.

Also the LIFO logic I am referring to only for stocks that are purchased for ‘delivery’ as an option. For intraday, it is according to the positions that are open.