GSec and TBill query

Unable to find GSec and TBill with good volumes , the ones which i am able to see are having no volumes. May be i am not searching the right way.

Pls guide on the above , also both the above are considered cash component when pledged right ?

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Hi @pavz,

We are evaluating Government Securities and Treasury Bills on our platform.

We will notify once we are live. Stay tuned!

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Hi Poornima,

Kindly have a relook on this, today my friend joined Dhan , shifted from Zerodha. But his criteria was GOI , buy GOI securities pledge it , earn ~~7% and pledge this to trade in F&O.

Saw this in twitter too as many traders are opting for this as it s treated as a CASH component .

Kindly bring this along with TBill as soon as possible on DHAN

Cc @PravinJ :pray:

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T-Bills are available now at Dhan?

@AAJ Bidding for T-Bills is not yet live, we are building it. However, you can buy them on Dhan just like Normal Stocks!

Can you share details about it?