GTT FOR SELL side on Same day / at the time of placing Buy order

Why doesn’t Dhan allow to place GTT (Forever order) sell side at the time of buying or even after the Buy order is completed ?
Why do we need to wait for T+1 settlement?

All other brokers like Zerodha allow to set GTT for Target & SL at time of placin

g buy order itself. While you don’t allow even after the Buy order is completed. I have attached a screenshot of the same for your reference.

Suppose you allow to set GTT for SELL side while buying and if the order gets triggered without me having the sufficient quantity, What’s the loss in that ? The order will itself get cancelled…

No loss to anyone.

So kindly fix this issue ASAP


Hi @infiniti,

We have this feedback, and it is on the list of things to do, we will surely announce it once we implement target and stop loss with main entry leg.


The same issue raised in this platform multiple times even before one year ago. No proper solution from Dhan team till now. Check old posts on same issue

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Hi @ruby619

This is not an issue; it’s a feature that our team is evaluating. As mentioned earlier by @Renvick_Austin, we will surely implement this once we receive an update.

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Plz implement it like in Upstox. Upstox gtt is better than zeroda like platforms