GTT order and PoA

GTT Order or Forever order selling side not in Dhan. my 100% order based on GTT order. how much time take to provide GTT sell side order?
chat support told me there is no PoA (power of Attorney) register available in Dhan.

I recently opened account with Dhan. I like app interface and open account without research because GTT and PoA are obvious features in most of broker. now I regret to open account with you.

Please provide these features (atleast PoA) otherwise I have to close this account

Hi @Yash0301 @pratapmkts

Can you email to us on with this request, I will check with team how we can handle this request as an exception with PoA. For now, we are evaluating an intermediate solution that should provide a better experience with EDIS.

However, we will the regulators may be more inclined towards moving the industry towards an EDIS only way to authorise for selling, as its more safe and secure and there have been instances where PoA authorization were misused by brokers.

I want to use dhan app I like it very much. but currently I am using zerodha because of Gtt order. if you provide GTT order most of zerodha customer will switch into dhan. #no_gtt_no_account

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hi yesterday customer care call me, and told me we will send PoA form within 24hour, after 24h I call them they told me it will be take 14-21days.
very disappointed with customer care.
now I am going to close my demat account.
I am also surprised they sent me account closure form with in 30second.
your Lightning speed is only for account closure.

Hi @pratapmkts

Please note the PoA process has to be done well and right as per the provisions and as per the regulations. PoA is a legal document, needs to be franked, means procuring the docs, getting same signed by both parties and also registering the same and making changes on our systems to ensure we are 100% compliant. Stamp duty needs to be paid since your location is different from ours. It is not an instant process that gets done by sending signed form.

Our team was trying to go out of the way to assist you since we had committed to do this, as an exception since we do not offer PoA process. Team sent an account closure form as you requested for same.

Thank you

if it is not

instunt process then why you executive ask for 24hour?

Our team has mentioned that they will create the form and send it to you in 24 hours.

but they did not send yet. and I call them then they said we need 14- 21 day for sending this form.

Hi Team Dhan,
I am also waiting for GTT on sell side in equity segment, I am ready to provide POA.
Please understand the issue like we need to place stoploss daily it’s difficult for office going persons.

So please please arrange any solution for stoploss for my open positions in equity segment.

Yogesh kumar

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Hi @yogesh86k,

Welcome to Dhan community!

We have this request for many users and have written about this earlier here GTT / Forever Order for Equity

Good to have you onboard. Looking forward to more feedback & suggestions from you.


Dhan Community Team