HDFC Sky Review: Pathetic State of Affairs

Hello! Recently I have been trading with HDFC Sky for my MTF trades until Dhan comes back with their MTF again. A picture is worth a 1000 words. HDFC Sky has royally lived up to the name of HDFC group with its not-so state-of-the-art systems. Check the screenshot. Nothing more than a joke of a platform.


Apparently, I couldn’t also square off the position because the buttons weren’t working either. :rofl:

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Thanks for sharing your review. Entire HDFC group behaves like a sarkari entity, I stay away from them.


Hey @thisisbanerjee just mentioning here that we may un-list this post after some-time.

Trading products are most complex, and as we build most of our tech in-house we truly understand how difficult it is. We have seen that on other forums - all good posts praising Dhan are taken down and the ones showing us in poor light remain even now.

All of us at Dhan want this community to grow, but not my showing our peers or competitors in a negative way. I will discuss with our community managers about this - @RahulDeshpande @Anirudha @shraddha @JayK as this is not defined in our community guidelines.


In this age of social media if a user gets blocked or his post get unlisted in one social channel he will find another social channel to post it or air his views. As long as that substitution effect is in play I don’t think such moderation as suggested would really help.

The stock market experience of the end user goes through a broker for most retail. So the great, good, bad and ugly about brokers will find a place in trader community discussions. If a user is faking something the counter party does have a legal option which if suitably exercised should act as a descent deterrent to irresponsible behaviour in social media.


Hello @PravinJ

I am NOT showing HDFC Sky in any negative way. I have shown users THE ACTUAL REALITY that is happening on a daily basis. One can create an account there, place a trade and see for oneself.

I have only shown the REALITY as to what a user can expect from the aforesaid mentioned platform.

Regarding Dhan’s post elsewhere, I think you are connecting two unrelated posts or events which have nothing to do with me or my post showing the ACTUAL EXPERIENCE THAT I FACE DAY TO DAY WITH HDFC SKY.

Well, Zerodha’s TradingQNA is a community where I have posted the same thing and they have created a healthy discussion over there.

If you want me NOT to post anything on that is alright. I will make sure to use this forum only for product feecbacks and general service.

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The HDFC Sky service has the opportunity to enhance its performance and elevate its customer support. While feedback has highlighted areas for improvement, including connectivity reliability and service disruptions, this presents a chance for the company to prioritize customer satisfaction. By swiftly addressing these challenges, HDFC Sky can reaffirm its commitment to excellence, ultimately strengthening its reputation and rebuilding trust among its users. check out our full HDFC Sky Review