Historical minute date APIs

Hi guys,
Do we have any way to get historical minute data instead of daily data api ?

If not, then can we have this feature request for dhan apis team ?

Hello @Pranav_Deshmukh

No, currently we do not have Historical 1 Min Data. But we will look into providing the same.

Can you confirm if you need this to backtest your strategies or build indicators for live trading?

Yes, basically for both reasons, back-testing we need such APIs. Also sometimes we need to refer to past weeks levels, where market has shown reversal, or on what level resistance or support is higher or lower.

Actually it would be better if we have a generic API/sdk for getting historical data and we can provide interval as a input. E.g. I want to get historical data for date 1 - date 5 with 1m/5m/30m/1h interval.

If we could get this API it would be great :slight_smile:

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Understood. We have been optimising DhanHQ APIs for execution first, but understand the importance of data as well.

Over here, my learning is backtest is something that a trader does for new strategies which is not a daily requirement. But for past week levels while algo is running, the data becomes important. Will look into it.

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Hi Hardik,

regarding above enhancement request, could you please let us know that when historical minute data API/SDK will be available ?

This is really beneficial and much needed feature !

Hello @Pranav_Deshmukh

Yes, it is in the works. It will be difficult to commit timeline here, but we are already working on this.

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hi @Hardik this change will be really beneficial if we get historic minute data

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