Historical Minute Timeframe - Data API

Hi guys,

I am building an intraday trading strategy and trying to backtest the same on 1min candles of the previous day. There is a provision to get 1min candles of the current trading day but I could not find any function in the docs for historical minute candles.

Please help me out, is this is an existing feature or not?

Hello @srdijoraj

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Currently, we only have current day 1 min OHLC candles, and daily candles for historical dates. We will try to introduce this soon, if feasible.

Hardik ji,

We all are waiting for data of 1 min OHLC candles for more than a day for back-testing. Moreover, please provide 5 minutes data as well. This is because if there is any internet connection issue or other issues, deriving 5 minute candle data based on 1 minute candles is going to be misleading.

some of my algo required historical data from the previous 3-4 days of 5-minute candles but it’s missing on Dhan API.
Dear Dhan Team,
please make it available most of the users require the same.

Hello @vivek2020 @JP_24

@JP_24 noted this. Although on the 5 min candle, I couldn’t understand the point of internet issues, as the data is loaded for all 1 min OHLC candles throughout the day when API is called. Even if you miss for a minute or two, the later one will have previous data as well.

@vivek2020 We are working with something on this, should solve for this problem.