How has been your experience Trading Options on with Dhan?

I recently got to know you can only trade options on with Dhan.

Overall my experience with it has been good, except there was some slippage on TV last week but the order execution went smoothly.

Has anyone one of you tried it yet? How has been your experience.


Added convenience to trade from TV terminal. More of a preference feature.

Added benefits are you can literally add 1000s of options in a single TV watchlist, it goes upto 1000 for the starting pack and upto 5000 for the Pro pack.

You get the community scripts and volume data analysis.


I did, and I was the first one to post about this here. Even before Dhan team did that :crazy_face:

Very fast and smooth order execution, good experience so far. Friday on TV is dull without SENSEX and then I am back on

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Yes, for me as well the no of watchlist increased was a differentiation.

Are there any community scripts that have been created for Nifty or BN options strategy?

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Oh wow! It’s only for NSE segment I think.

Sensex and Bankex additions would be great. it might also increase the volumes as well if they bring on the platform.

Hi @RohanTrader Think now this is bit obvious for everyone… TradingView has to integrate the underlying scripts (BSE in this case) and post that we have to complete our internal integration with TV for enabling.

Yes @sunilktrader, good spotting this.