How to check on today's traded value how much brokerage and other taxes will deduct

Where I can check how much brokarage and other taxes I need to pay on today’s traded stocks or F&O?

Hi @Vikram

When placing the trade, right on the Order Placement window - Dhan offers you an Transaction Estimator for every transaction that shows all the charges and breakup, including your price to exit to make the trade profitable.

Post trades, you will receive contract notes after settlement. Or you can also view full details of your realised trades in Trader’s Diary.

@PravinJ , please stop ignoring the need of virtual contract note that we as traders are requesting from dhan from a long time. I can see I am not the only one but every time someone ask this feature you give the same old reply to check it before execution of trades. We as option buyers don’t have time to check it while placing the order. We can only check it afterwards

Hi @himan718 Well, virtual contract notes are an extension to transaction estimator. Yes, may be we are not convinced with the need of this feature at the moment, if things change we will review this.

After trades are taken, contract notes will be available anyway after settlement is done, pushing it ahead of schedule before settlement isn’t something we are considering at this point.

Our thought process is simple here, as a broker we cannot issue contract notes unless trades are settled. Also when traders are trading, it needs to be quick and away from distractions. Transaction Estimator is an industry-first from Dhan and solves things for users quickly. Post settlement, there is Trader’s diary.

In Trader’s dairy it’s showing next day. I want to check on same day during trading. Now Zerodha is giving contract note feature in their order page. Here I can check how much brokarage & other taxes will be deduct after settelment. I can decide to trade further or not by seeing this contarct note summary. Same we expect from Dhan. You can check Zerodha platform for better understanding. This contract note summary feature is most useful for trader. Kindly check once.
Now I am using Dhan for trading, so Zerodha not using. If someone using Zerodha also, then I request him/her to share screen shot of contract not summary which is available in order tab.

@PravinJ @Hardik @Divyesh we need virtual contract note because this is necessary bcz we can’t wait for next day settlement and for contract note give option of virtual contract note this helps retailers to know about your charges will goes this help to avoid over trading and virtual contract note is virtual means they calculate virtual our give estimate of total charges of today’s trades I used zerodha to check virtual contract note I really impressed but I don’t do trade regular bcz they don’t support trade from chart feature that why I requesting you plz consider virtual contract note this is very important for us sometimes you feel this is use less but you see many people are demanding this feature

And you. Talk about trader’s diary they are just show piece trader’s diary not have any thing to analyse your performances. I also noticed many time traders diary not update till 8.30 am and also need many update and features in traders diary

  1. Filters : we need filters in traders diary bcz I trade in stock and fno and next day trader dairy show overall pnl and net pnl and we want to filter option so we can filter what was position in equity trading and what In fno

2 ) improvement of colours coding in trader diary
We need colour coding in which day is Max profit show dark colour and less profit show in light colour same for loss

3 ) The ui of traders diary also need update and give more filters to analyse our past trade bcz this is very useful for traders

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IMO, other trading journal platforms are charging upwards of ₹1500 a month.

Dhan’s Traders Diary is already showing our P&L and has access to the trade logs.

You can simply add some more graphs, P&L curve, win rate and charge maybe ₹500 a month for it. @PravinJ