How to subscribe symbols above 100 instruments

Subscribe_symbols function does not work with Python SDK . How to subscribe additional instruments after 100 instruments.

Also there should be functionality to subscribe to current positions in socket connection rather then calling positions api every second to update Pnl

Hello @luke_skywalker

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We are updating the subscribe_symbols function to cater to the same. On the positions streaming, from an integration point of view, it will be more feasible approach to have order updates on socket, which we are working on right now.

Hi Hardik , Thanks for the reply .

Can you give the expected timeline for both i.e. subscribe_symbols and order updates on Socket ?
Also Is there any alpha or beta release channel of python SDK , so we as developer can also integrate and test ,rather then waiting for production ready SDK ?

Hello Luke,

The PR is there already on Github for subscribe_symbols. We are reviewing and testing the same.

On the order update on Socket, we have this in development currently, will be difficult to commit a timeline here. Will update as soon as we release on community itself.

Hello @luke_skywalker

We have updated the library on Github. It is currently in Dev branch, you can try it out here - GitHub - dhan-oss/DhanHQ-py at Dev

@Hardik ,

Why there is no BO / CO order in Sensex ? not even trigger price works ?

Hello @luke_skywalker

Bracket and Cover order are only enabled when the volatility is low. This is because in volatile markets, both leg of the order can be executed simultaneously, due to the momentum in prices.