How to tender share in TCS buyback?

Can you guide how to tender share in TCS buyback ?

I have 44 share in Dhan demat account and i want to participate in buyback

Can you tell step by step process
@PravinJ @shraddha @Anirudha @Kiran @Naman @prikulkarni @RahulDeshpande

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In the same boat, request you to please send a communication on this since multiple users are trying to participate in TCS buyback.

Hi @Bhargav @NitishMidha we will share the process for TCS Buyback via CDSL shortly.

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Hi @Bhargav @NitishMidha

As promised, please find here the detailed process for participating in TCS Buyback - Apply for TCS Buyback of Shares, here is how you can do it

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Thanks @PravinJ , this is quite detailed article. Have done for Easiest login, waiting for DP to approve. Thanks.

Do hold on for Easiest method @NitishMidha @Bhargav - we may end up making a product on Dhan web for TCS Buyback over the weekend.

Just in case this is not up by Monday, proceed with the CDSL method.

We will wait till Monday.

And Iā€™m sure Dhan team will not disappoint us :innocent:

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This will be super quick @PravinJ. Definitely will wait for it.

@DrAesthetic - pls follow this thread for updates.

On other note I got below email from CDSL while registering for Easiest. Can I get further clarification on this please.

Thanks @PravinJ for the super quick delivery of this feature. Was able to successfully use this yesterday afternoon. :+1: :+1:


most welcome @NitishMidha