Imp: Mandatory Settlement of Running Accounts on 6th April 2023

Hello everyone,

The settlement cycle across the Stock Broking Industry was standardised last year. This mandated Dhan to settle the credit balances in trading accounts on the first Friday of every quarter.

To put it simply, any account funds / balance that is not used in your Dhan trading account will be sent back to your Bank Account. Thus, for the previous quarter, we will be processing the settlement on Thursday, 6th April 2023 as 7th April, Friday is a holiday on account of Good Friday.

Here’s how it impacts you:

Once the quarterly settlement is processed, we will send back the unutilized funds in your trading account back to your registered bank account, which means your trading account on Dhan will have zero balance.

If you want to take a trade on Monday, 10th April 2023, you will have to add funds back to your Dhan trading account on Saturday or Sunday or when the markets open on Monday using any of the following methods:

  • UPI
  • Netbanking
  • Smart Transfer with RTGS / NEFT

Friendly Remember: On Dhan, fund addition via any method is absolutely free of cost. We do not charge you for adding money to your Dhan account or withdrawing it.

We have covered all the FAQs regarding the settlement process here - Important: Update in the Settlement of Running Accounts

Enjoy your trading & investing experience on Dhan.

Thank you
Shraddha Joshi