(Implemented) Has anyone got seconds timeframe chart in dhan?

Has anyone got seconds timeframe feature?

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Hi @Sabarish, Welcome to Dhan community. We do not provide seconds timeframe on Dhan. Min time frame is 1 minute.

Hi pravin thanks for the reply,
It would be helpful if you add seconds tf to tv.dhan.co
And also adding alerts from charts that would also be a helpful feature if you add it

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Dear All,

We started Dhan with one clear focus - to bring best-in-class Trading & Investing experience for users in India through incredible product experience driven by technology and backed by awesome customer service.

Today we are excited & humbled to announce that for the first time in India, and extending our partnership with TradingView, we bring users the ability to trade directly from the Trading Panel on TradingView using your Dhan account. We are proud to share that Dhan is the first platform in India to bring this awesome and incredible capability for Super Traders in India.

Recently i saw this post on telegram that all traders can use broker on TV now and as i saw in promo that we can get more indicators , 1 sec charts and other features but none of them works when i login to TV and choose dhan as broker. Do we need TV membership to have those features ?
Kindly update regarding that post shared on telegram.

Thanks & regards

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Dhan provides trade execution capabilities to TradingView, features that are available for access on TradingView depends on the plan / membership that one has on there with TradingView.

One second timeframe won’t be possible for us to provide for now. Time amount of data and infrastructure that is required to make it happen is something we do not want to focus on. Keeping things bit frank here, we do not want to set up wrong expectations with our users.

Even if we were to to offer this, it probably will be a paid feature - and may cost users something like 5000 per month or even more than that, not many users will pay for this - making it unfeasible for us commercially.

Yes i understand,
But it would be helpful if you integrate the alert features atleast that would be very helpful
Like placing alerts on the dhan trading view chart and all

Hey @Sabarish, thrilled to share that seconds timeframes on charts in now available on tv.dhan.co and soon on all Dhan platforms.

Read more on this and share your feedback - Introducing: Seconds Timeframe on Charts by Dhan