Implemented on Dhan: Long Term Options Beyond 180 days

Hi Mr. CEO,

Before opening an account with Dhan, I asked whether I can trade in Long Term Options (Dec 2023 etc. i.e. beyond 180days). Dhan customer care confirmed that i can trade in Long Term Options as long as the OI is greater than 10. Refer to attached picture.

Now that i opened and the trade was rejected the customer care team apologizes and says that max contract duration can be 180 days. SORRY.

What am i supposed to do now? I am hoping that you will personally resolve my expectations.

If that wasnt allowed then you could have alerted the user when the user added the trade in Basket. What is basket supposed to do ?

I feel cheated and that this was done purposefully to increase demat account numbers.

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Hi @madhu. till few days back we allowed trading upto 365 days, and now it has been revised to 9 months. Risk policy keeps changing from time to time and it is always available for reference in public domain here: Risk Management Policy | Dhan

Will review on this communication part on behalf of our customer service team. In case you feel cheated, we apologise for that. We have no intention to do this purposefully, in case you would want to close the account - our team will assist you with that. We want to make sure we provide the best possible trading & investing experience to our users… and fully acknowledge that users today have a choice, and the only reason anyone will continue with us is they are fully satisfied with their experience.

I will review the communication made by our team.


@PravinJ Thank you for looking into this personally. How is long term contract affecting your Risk Management - if you can shed light. Also, i presume you can open Option Buying atleast if not selling.

Let me know.

Hi Madhu, these are our internal risk management calls - we prefer keeping these decisions at the discretion of our risk management teams.

Request you to review your RMS for long term options.

In case we cannot hedge our portfolio based on long term options.

Further, e.g. Dec 2023 has better OI and liquidity than Sep 2023.

Please allow such long term options.

Hello Mr. Pravin,

Currently i have an account with Zerodha, where in i have Leap position for the month of December 2023, i see that Dhan is not allowing me to take positions.

Firstly most of the brokers are allowing to take positions, then why not Dhan, your compare your self with your trading platform is better and faster than others, what is the point of it, if it does not allow me to take the trade for strike prices which other brokers are allowing.

You say RSM policy, you need to really review your RSM team people. Even small brokers are allowing us to trade.

I have clients whom i want to move to Dhan, but i am not able to as you are not allowing me to take trade in December options.

If u are not allowing the Deceber 2023 options, pls let me know, so that i start moving my clients to other plat form that allows.

This is nothing personal, this is bread and butter for me. Hope you understand the importance of it .

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Hi @BhoomikaPatwa @Sreesudhan Welcome to Dhan community.

Will check with our Risk teams to evaluate this policy. Lately we have been getting these requests, we will have this considered.


Hi pravin,

Thank you for replying, please note long term options are traded on certain days and certain events, i am professional and have bunch of professionals wanting to board on to Dhan, by delaying us to trade in long term options i will be forced to move out of Dhan, right now i have put a pause on boarding my clients to Dhan, since Long term options are blocked from trading, this would be my last request as time is running out. Hope you and your RSM team understands the seriousness of this situation. if you dont want professionals to use your platform then …just continue to block long term options.

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Hi Pravin,

  As I am a long term trader and I always look to take position for more than an year in OPTIONS where all the brokers like Zerodha, Upstoks etc are allowing me to do it and I transferred all my funds to DHAN thinking I will be getting the same options in DHAN also, but I am shocked to know you people are not allowing me to do it. 

This trade is the safest trade and as a professional trader I require this option very badly for my HEDGINING & Margin benefits as I am an HNI trader.

I see that other members have already made a request for the same and no action has been take from DHAN in this regard . So I need an honest replay whether I will get these OPTIONS to trade or NOT, which will help me to continue here or not

Looking forward for your HONEST replay ASAP

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Plus 1 on this.

There are many who are long term serious nifty / BNF only traders.

Request RMS team to loosen a bit and provide the option in trading long term monthly / weekly options

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Hi @kiranbcraj - we have started work on this. We will open up for options trading beyond the existing limit of 9 months. Already on our list of things to do.

Eagerly waiting for you to allow long term options.

I am unable to shift my complete trades to Dhan because of the un availability.

Managing multiple brokers is a hassle, plus I loose out on margin benefit.

Have waited for it long.
Please allow ASAP.

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Your Things to do list, is it for 2224 year ? we have been requesting for long term options for more than 6 months. Sorry to say this , If you and your team do not have the capabilities to manage the risk, u should not be in this bossiness, u say u r the best you have trading view, you that indicator this indicator, this options, that report. Funny part is that you do not allow the users to trade in long term options, what will i do with your trading view and other reports when u dont allow me to trade in the long term option which is the main ingredient , what to do with your trading view and other options. You can fool around new traders with your reports and Trading view thing, not the experienced Traders who invest crores, You are just bluffing !!!

Hi @Sreesudhan: this is in our list to do and requires changes on our side - some of them needs testing on mock exchange days before we go live.

That aside: request adhering to community guidelines: Welcome to the Dhan: We have Community Guidelines for us! 😁

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Hi @Sreesudhan @pavz @BhoomikaPatwa @madhu @kiranbcraj

Thanks for suggesting.

We have updated this today: Introducing: Trading in Long-Dated Options (LEAPS) on Dhan

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Thanx so much, will let know all my friends who were are into LEAPS :raised_hands:t2:

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Unable to take position in this???

Hi @Sreesudhan

The Nifty last expiry for this December month is on the 28th. I noticed you’re placing an order for 2025 and 2027 contracts.

if you see the screen shot of order rejection it says 24 Dec and 24 June, I under stand 24 is the year. Correct me if i am wrong. Thanks

Hi @Sreesudhan

As per your screenshot, the June contract is 2027, while the December contract is for 2025. Per our RMS policy, you can trade in contracts with a horizon upto 18 months, which means May 2025.