Improvement in the literature (knowledge base)

The knowledge base is not exhaustive to learn about Stock market and dhan. New users face difficulty in understanding few concepts and have to go to other resources.

For example, I was searching about what is Disclose Quantity visible under Limit order and I couldnt find anything related to that in Knowledge Base of Dhan but I could find very nice explanations on other Broker’s sites.

Also, I was trying to understand how to place a Bracket Order on Dhan, again on Dhan’s knowledge base site, very little information is available, noone who is new to investing would be able to understand that little information, I am looking out for other sources to understand this concept but again, how to place it specifically on Dhan, it feels cubersome for new investors.


Hi @reetima ,

Thanks for your feedback on the content of Knowledge Base. We continuously update our articles, and will surely evaluate your suggestions on including an article about Disclose Quantity and providing more info on the Bracket Order.