Integration Request

Hi Team Dhan

One of the main thing i look when coming to Dhan that, you have implemented all good services like small case, ticker tape, and many other algo platforms, etc.

Likewise I would like to integrate Algobaba Stoxxo with Dhan- its a superfast trading bridge and algo software, am using it with all other my brokers and a wonderful product, if you can integrate it with Dhan it will be very easy to trade.

Expecting a positive action.

Thank you

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Hi @pulsetrader ,

Welcome to the Dhan community.

Thank you for your interest. Please drop a mail at, and we can take the conversation from there.

cc: @Naman

Sent mail to api team


Will check and take the conversation forward on mail. Thank you.

any update regarding this.

HI. I am not able to trade crude oil with trading view and dhan. Please guide

Hope you are trying to trade on, its all working fine.

Dear Dhan Team,

Any update on integration of Stoxxo.

Hello @TradeEarn

Our APIs at DhanHQ are free and open for any platform to integrate. Such integrations need to be initiated from platforms as they have to integrate APIs. We can try reaching out to Stoxxo again, and if they are ready to do this, we would be happy to support them with the same.

There are already 50+ platforms live on DhanHQ APIs, you can check them out here -

Hello @Hardik Is there any update on this, I reached out to them yesterday and got below response.

<We don’t support dhan
If dhan wishes to come onboard they can pay commercial to get onboarded and go live at stoxxo>

They have integration near to all the brokers except Dhan, please look into the request.