intraday minute candle data not available

there is my code
from dhanhq import dhanhq

acess_token =xxxxxxxx // security reason not showen here
cleint_id =xxxxxx // security reason not showen here
dhan = dhanhq(client_id,acess_token)




{‘status’: ‘failure’, ‘remarks’: {‘error_code’: ‘RS-9005’, ‘message’: ‘Data not available’}, ‘data’: ‘’}

i also try with equity tcs same ouput showen

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Hi there did find a way to this problem I am also facing same problem

Hello @Shreyas_Neeralagi @RAJ9

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Excited to know you are exploring Dhan HQ APIs. Can you confirm when were you trying to poll the Intraday Minute data?

Do note that the 1 min OHLC data is only available for the current day.

I Want historical one minute candle data which function is already present python dhan SDK.
My code runs perfectly and return me day candle data of symbol historical.
which is ours side problem instead of giving me one minute historical candle data your server give day candle historical data

Hello @RAJ9

In the intraday_minute_data, we only provide 1 min candle data for the current day, and not historical basis. You can find more information about the same here: Historical Data - DhanHQ Ver 1.0 / API Document