Introducing: Basket Orders on TradingView, with real-time Margins

Just a few weeks ago, we released one of our highly requested features, Basket Orders on Dhan App and Web ( at the same time. It’s being extremely well received from our users and helping traders (more particularly F&O traders) to create better strategies and execute orders in an instant or way they would want to.

We’re thrilled to announce that we have combined the same experience on TradingView, with that you will now be able to place Basket Orders on as well.

Creating your own Baskets

As easy and fast as everything is on Dhan, creating baskets on Dhan is super simple. Just go and create one on the app or website. Once done, you now have a choice of adding any scrip to the basket by searching for it and then selecting the order type and then you are done.

Once added, you can immediately see the margin required for individual orders as well as for the overall basket.

Margin Benefit for Multiple Scrips in Basket

Users can have a view of the Margin Required for the pool of scrips in a basket with margin benefits adjusted, if any. The margin benefit is available in options trading when there is both Buy & Sell order in the basket and Buy order is executed at exchange before the Sell order.

There is a tab for Funds Required as well, which is margin required without any benefit adjustment. This is simply the sum of margin required of all the orders individually. It is shown here for the case when there is margin benefit available and Buy order for option does not execute at exchange, so it is indicative that users should have this much amount available in the trading account for other orders to get successfully executed.

Edit Orders
Users can select the type of order they would like to place be it be Market, Limit or Trigger. For each order, users will have the option of placing orders as per their preference.

Duplicate Orders in Basket
Using the duplicate feature, users can easily duplicate their orders in the basket. This will be useful when per order maximum limits are set for trading stocks and F&O.

Automatic Sync of baskets across Dhan (App, Web & TradingView -

We have made sure that the baskets created by you will be synchronised across all the dhan’s platforms. Eg : You can place & execute orders on using the baskets created on as well.

Basket Orders are extremely useful for traders on Dhan in making decisions without having to place separate orders for each stock.
As always, we are coming up with more updates in the coming days to make Trading & Investing a better experience.

So Stay Tuned!

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Hi @Naman looks great. Can you make the basket and exit window for Tradingview dark mode?

Also, is there any possibility of making the basket and exit window draggable? the chart should be clearly visible and editable.



I have observed that you’ve added a new order panel. Instead of a custom order panel can you pop the existing trading view order panel for basket orders?

I see the interface looks clumsy…

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Hi @Siddharth
Your points are noted. This is first version of Basket & Exit Position. We will definitely bring updated version of these features in coming days.

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Great, waiting for it… I believe removing the custom order panel for the basket (Tradingview) and popping out the existing tradingview order window will look more beautiful.

Thanks again,

Hi @Naman forgot to mention, add a drag handle for moving the legs up and down.

Unable to use the basket order.
I had more than the margin amount but less than the funds required, my buy order got executed but the sell order failed for funds. Not sure what needs to be done.

Yes, Draggeble window for Order window, option strike price / stocks search window.

Hi @NileshC

Funds required are for both orders go get executed, margin required is for both positions to be maintained. These two are different things, hence the first order got executed and second did not.

We could have blocked the orders for executing if funds required are less, but most traders add multiple orders to the basket and execute as the market / position changes. All is fine here, and this is expected behaviour.

Dear pravin
I am fully agree with you. But i wish if you can do it like zerodha and Angle as for the same order to be exicuted i need less fund requirement.

I have posted two screen short. Same trade has been taken as basket order in Dhan app and zerodha app. The fund requirement is huge in dhan where as its very less in zerodha. I wish you could do it like zerodha

The same trade in zerodha. Please check and reply

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हो, Zerodha मध्ये (हेजिंगसाठी) मार्जिन कमी लागतं.

@PravinJ One suggestion for basket orders, let the orders get executed sequentially as per the sequence defined in the basket. This is how Zerodha works and therefore margins required are minimal if buy order is set as first in the sequence.

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Hi @deepak9012 @nity

We have updated our basket order experience. Please go through this link.

Dear Naman
I have checked still it’s showing higher funds requirement compired with other brokers. Nothing has changed i don’t know what you have changed in basket order.

Just check the funds requirement for same trade in Dhan vs Zerodha. I can’t understand what you have changed