Introducing: Dhan Desktop Web App to elevate your Trading Experience

Hello everyone,

At Dhan, we know that Traders love bigger screens and multi-screen setups. With time, trading platforms have evolved; from what used to be call and trade orders to exe files which came with system requirements just to place an order to light weight websites, which can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

Our web platforms have always been preferred by Super Traders, giving them access to larger screens and multiple customisations as they need. With keyboard shortcuts, instant order placement, live market scanners, and multiple resizable feature windows, we have built the Dhan Web platform ( keeping in mind everything that a Trader needs and we continue to do so.

To take a step forward, we are introducing the Dhan Desktop Web App - an alternative to trading terminals on your system, which is a Chrome Browser application with a flexibility of being easily accessible right from your Desktop.

While we have built Dhan Web over past years with a great passion to solve all trader’s needs, we also wanted to offer this same native experience even on Desktop App, to give our users an alternative to their traditional terminal setups.

With the Dhan Desktop App, you get all the features and experience of your Dhan Web platform, along with the power of your local computer, dedicatedly running your trading setup.

Watch the youtube video here!

You can even create a shortcut, to access Dhan right from your desktop, in a single click. View Charts, Option Chain, Place Orders instantly and everything that you do on Dhan Web. And all this while maintaining all your saved preferences and setups across other active sessions on devices.

We are constantly iterating features on our platforms to ensure great trading experience for all our users, so do let us know your feedback.

Happy Trading!

– Hardik


Hello Dhan Team and @Hardik sir
I have following doubts

  1. Shall we get same speed of execution by New Web app and Refresh is same like Dhan web ?
  2. In Mac OS this we can done earlier that Option is Called " Add to Dock " under share Button in Safari, what is the difference Your web app and Safari’s Option ?
    Thank you

Hello @Hardik @PravinJ ,
Please create a desktop web application for as well. Instead of switching between the Dhan Desktop Web App and a browser (for, it would be more convenient to have both accessible within the same desktop web app window, with tabs side by side. This way, users can seamlessly navigate between the Dhan Desktop Web App and without the need for additional applications.


Hello @Dhanush4777

Answering your questions here:

  1. All Dhan platforms are built on the same underlying architecture which has been optimised for fast execution. The execution speed and refresh rates hence will remain same on this new Desktop App as well.
  2. Safari provide ‘Add to Dock’ or ‘Add to Homescreen’ button for all websites which can be built as PWA. However, there are a lot of optimisations/edge case handling that needs to be done to ensure that the Web App works as intended on desktop. We have achieved that with our last build and now users can download this app across OS and browsers.

@Champion_Trader Duly noted, will definitely explore this. Thank you for the feedback.

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Thank you so much for your time and effort @Hardik Sir I clearly Understood Thank you Team Dhan

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@Hardik Is there a way to install it in Linux OSes like Ubuntu or Linux Mint? I’m not getting that option.

Hello @encore

Linux OS are supported with this. Can you confirm which browser are you using to open Dhan Web and trying to download from?

@Hardik @PravinJ Using the desktop app for a couple of days now. What I see is when I click on the TradingView chart button on the watchlist or anywhere, it opens a new browser window and loads all over. On the TV desktop PWA app, there are provisions for tabs as well.

I was already using “Install this site as an app” from many months ago so there is no difference. Dhan Desktop seems to be a basic vanilla “Install this site as an app” focused PWA. However, in my opinion, if it is a Desktop app, it should run everything in its own window with separate tabs and that would be truly useful.

The existing proposition completely defeats the purpose of a desktop app. I’d appreciate if you would consider my improvement suggestion and work on it a little bit on and give it a rework and introduce tabs so that everything stays on the same window.


I’m using Librewolf (Firefox-based) and Vivaldi (Chrome-based).

Totally agreed :100:
I frequently experience extended wait times of over 30-35 minutes when trying to connect with a customer care executive on calls.

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Try to enhance the P&L report of present and past trades. Currently. you just show the buy and sell trades instead of the total profit. Your Report section is very very poor. and try to explain the breakout of All charges, Like- Zeerodha and Angel one
example -
Exchange txn charge
Clearing charge
SEBI charges
Stamp duty
Total tax and charges


@Hardik can you confirm chart data or drawings will save in local machine or server?

Hello @thisisbanerjee

Noted. Currently, Web Apps do not support multiple tabs; but will evaluate how we can achieve this.

@encore You should be able to with Vivaldi, can you see the option at bottom of Dhan Web home screen?

@yogesh86k All your chart drawings and indicator layouts are stored on server end. We even autosave drawings on

Hello @Jahid_Hussain

Noted this. We are working on optimising all product features, including reports as well. Just a request, as per community guidelines, can we keep this thread posts as per the topic.

I’m able to see it now. Thanks.

When will it support Firefox browser as well?

Hello , though link is enabled , however it seems to be false link , not able to download the desktop app.

Hello @encore

Firefox doesn’t support web apps currently on desktop, you can try at your end once.

@jacharjya1978 which browser are you using, can you confirm?

Its Opera browser @Hardik


Unfortunately, Opera does not support Web Apps as of now. You can use Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers to install.

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