Introducing Futures Chain on TradingView - A intuitive way to track the Futures Movement

Just last week, we launched Option Chain on, and it’s being thoroughly appreciated and used by our users. In our continuous endeavor to ship and launch new features every week, we are back with a new update on or

Markets have been volatile for the last few days, even markets like currency and commodities are seeing large variations. Traders track and compare futures contracts to create term structure analysis. For them, this new feature will be helpful and important for the futures traders, excited to announce the Futures Chain on, the newest way to track the futures movement on TradingView.

The Futures Chain here lists out all the futures contracts available for trading for scrip and contains all the relevant information like Last Trading Price, Volume, Open Interest, Change in Price & OI, and most important and useful data - premium and discount over the spot price.

One of the applications of the Futures Chain is to plot the Futures Term Structure by drawing the different prices across the different expiration months, you get a graph telling you what the futures prices are like over multiple expiration months, called a forward curve. This information is extremely valuable for analyzing the supply and demand condition of the underlying asset. It also tells traders if the futures market for a particular asset is a normal market or inverted market and whether or not it is most likely to undergo contango or backwardation.

We are constantly releasing features that are useful to traders and investors, Futures Chain is one such feature among many of them.

In case you missed it, we are also glad to inform you that, from now on, all women investors and traders on Dhan, the brokerage will be charged 50% off for intraday trades and F&O.

Happy Trading!



Super exited about this feature. Hope the pecentages are displayed with 2 decimals percission. As i see in the feature update picture decimals are not rounded to display 2 digits