Introducing: Live Market Scanners on Dhan

We know the fact that many traders simply like the Dhan web experience. We mentioned earlier that we will continue to optimise and build our web experience more inline with traders’ expectations and balance the experience well for investors too.

We are taking more steps to build an awesome trading experience on Dhan, along with the amazing & unique features that we have built till date, this one is special. We are raising the bar for stock trading & investment platforms in India.

Is it us or do you find it difficult to look for the stocks which breached its pivot, had given breakout on support and resistance level. Or a stock that is on days/weeks/years high or low. It’s difficult to find, isn’t it?

When we thought of this first feature for the first time, we were blown away at the possibilities. And we are glad that we are able to ship it the way we imagined it in the first place.

Introducing: Live Market Scanners

Live Market Scanners is an industry-first feature from Dhan, that provides market scans as they happen in real-time across multiple stocks of multiple indices.

Scrips & Indices covered:

  • F&O Stocks (all movements in underlying spot prices of F&O stocks)
  • Nifty 50
  • Nifty 100
  • Nifty 200
  • Nifty 500

Scanners covered:

  • Day High & Day Low
  • Weekly High & Weekly Low
  • Monthly High & Monthly Low
  • 52-Week High & 52-Week Low
  • Resistance Breakouts - R1, R2, R3
  • Support Breakouts - S1, S2, S3
  • Circuits (Upper & Lower)
  • Volume shockers like unusual volume & potential volume

Unusual volume: you get a list of stocks that have volume more than 1.25 times the average volume of last week or a month. Potential volume is a leading indicator for unusual volume.

Bonus announcement: We also made Market Scans live over Twitter on @DhanLive ( This will tweet select random live scans in regular intervals over Twitter for you to keep a track of them.

Please note, all live scans will be available only on the Dhan platform. We tested this out over a day and noticed that a day results in over 5000+ scans and it will be unfeasible to broadcast them on Twitter, may result in spam and also possibly getting blocked by Twitter. So all scans, only on Dhan.

As always, this is the first version of Live Market Scanners. We will observe the behaviour, usage over the next few days and will be open for your feedback and suggestions to make this even a better experience for you.

Till then, we hope the market scans help you discover many investing & trading opportunities. And also remember, live scans are just for information only and should not be considered as a recommendation for investment or trading.

Enjoy your Dhan investing & trading experience.


I use web.dhan and want to keep live scanner page open during the entire day but also want to continue checking my open positions, execute trades. It would make sense if I could open live scanner in a new tab/ window so that it is available independently of my regular pages (like open positions /trades etc…)

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One stock keeps coming up on Monthly High as new monthly high is made every few seconds. Wouldn’t it be better to show the stock only once say every two or three minutes…

Are you going to bring advanced scanners like relative strength with custom timeframe? Your CEO asked for suggestion on twitter and he liked it.

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I had de-selected some of the scanners from the list as I wanted to focus on limited scanners only.
On re-login, I found that my saved preferences have been re-set and I have to again change the preferences for live scanners.

Thanks for highlighting this, getting it checked.

Thanks for the implementation of a scanner sure this is the first iteration of the Dhan Live but down the line is it possible to have a feature to scan specifics after the market is closed, if one wants to do the stock study/analysis a day prior based on the following selection

Eg: Relative Volume , Average Volume( 90 days 30 day), Shares Float, Pattern ( Doji, Marubozu, White Marubozu Black, Hammer, Bearish/Bullish Engulfing)
moreover if the live scanner can be implemented with like in a tab form that would be great.

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Hi @nity @DanVester This is first version of Live Scanner, we will come up with more updates & improvisation. Your pointer is noted.


Sharing one simple scanner which should run at the end of the day and store the results daily for trader’s reference and action.


On clicking any of the bars on the above scanner, the list of all the stocks shows up as below


Another end of the day scanner which gives results of bullish stocks that are near their 52 week high…

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Hi Team,
This feature is great but as earlier member raised please see if it is feasible to open chart from scanner scrpit in new window or allow to use scanner as popup window or side by side screen so can trade and check scanner together.


Which website or tool is this? not Dhan for sure

This is a paid engine from Streak by Zerodha which also allows traders to define strategies (algos) and get trades executed through these strategies automatically.


@Naman @PravinJ I hope my above shared points related to scanners are being considered and worked upon.

One observation, I have not see any break-downs in the live market scanners.
S1 Break-down, S2 break-down, S3 break-down, Lower circuit break.
@RahulDeshpande can you check and revert on this ?

Since, I am not allowed more than three consecutive replies, updating previous post itself below.

Anyone there from Team Dhan, No revert on live market scanner bug… Break-downs are not showing up at all.

Hi @nity ,

Getting this checked.

@RahulDeshpande Any update on break-downs in the live market scanners?

@RahulDeshpande Market has been declining and giving so many opportunities to short. But unfortunately, Live scanner has failed to provide any break-downs till date. I had raised this issue months back and still no one has checked and resolved the issue related to live market scanner.

Hi @nity

We will observe and check this for breakouts. It’s real-time scans, and we don’t maintain the logs.