Introducing Notification Center : One place to track all the notifications

Many users have appreciated how intuitive Dhan’s user experience is, and many have suggested to us how we can make this better. One of those suggestions was to help our users stay updated with everything in their investment account in just one place.

Which is why we built the notification centre for you!

Introducing Notification Centre on Dhan

Dhan Notification Centre makes sure you’re on top of all important information about your account, orders and investments. It’s where you can view all the information that matters to you, in one place.

Merely a tap away from the home screen, the notification centre gives you access to all of your investment account activity in a well organised manner. This includes your KYC Status, Orders, Alerts, Announcements, Referral, IPO and much more. All of them available together, or segregated by the way you would like to see them.

For now, we keep all your notifications available for the last 7 days.

We’re always looking for ways to make your investing experience easier and more pleasant. Let us know if you have any suggestions. :slight_smile:

Growth & Community Team


Could you please add ALERTS to Currency / Commodity too

(Could not find for Currency) please do let me know if its already there and i have missed

Suggestion noted. We will be deploying it soon :+1:

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Hi @Gangavarapu,

Thanks for highlighting. We are getting this checked.


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Dear @Gangavarapu,

Thanks for the feedback. it’s a valid point and made a note of the same. We are building an in-house price alert later we’ll introduce some advanced features to it. Please help us with some time there is much more to come!

Earlier I was getting a Ring tone notification on my Dhan Web page as and when the order was executed. However, for the last few days I have stopped any notification and I come to know only when I see my Order Book.

Please look into.

Hi @anilpalan

As discussed on the call the order execution sound is received on our platform do let us know if you still not receiving the notifications on the web platform.

Hi @Divyesh,
Referring to your trailing mail, again today I checked live when my Jubilant Food Call Option trade was executed and there was not Ringtone or any Pop up on my Laptop.

This nice Ringtone was available till last week on MS Edge and I could here it even on my next Room if I sit there.

As discussed with you my Laptop’s Speakers are at full volume.

You have suggested to work on Google Chrome as an alternate and I tried it but I am not comfortable working with Google Chrome as there is no Web capture menu available besides I more comfortable working with MS Edge.

I request you to look into at your end.

Hi @anilpalan,

We are having this checked and will keep you posted with an update.

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Further to the talk we had earlier and your reply, I have to inform that I just now observed my Trade of Indigo Option carried out in which I even did not receive any Pop-up nor Alarm Bell for the trade executed. Please look into as I get the information of my trade executed only when I go to the Orders and Position page.

As informed to you I do not mind in sharing my Laptop Screen to your Technical Staff in case the same is needed to check the Settings from my end.

Please give this a priority as it becomes cumbersome to look at Orders/Position page every now and again while I keep limit orders.

Hi @anilpalan

We tried reaching you on your registered mobile number and the same was unanswered.

We request you provide us with a convenient time, so we can arrange a callback and arrange Google Meet with our executive.

what about web notifications or some healthy sound on price trigger alert notifications ??? is it there ?? when will we get this approx timing ?

Hi @Varsha777

At this moment for Dhan web price alerts, currently, you need to check the notification for the alerts achieved under the bell icon.

Our team is working on it to create this sound.