Introducing: Option Greeks on Dhan

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Well - we will start here accepting that this was a long-due feature, and we were a bit late delivering on this. Glad that finally, this is available for our users!

As an F&O trader, you must have known that the price of the Option changes a lot, and in many cases - a lot faster than stocks. This change in price depends on the factors such as:

  • The price of the underlying security
  • Time
  • Volatility

Changes in any or all of these variables affect the option’s value. So as a trader, how can you understand and take maximum benefit of it? The only answer to this is Option Greeks. So let’s directly dive into it.

Introducing Option Greeks on Dhan

What are Greeks:

Greeks are a set of values that are used to measure different factors that might affect the price of an options contract. With Greeks, you can make a bit more informed decisions about which options to trade, and when to trade them and learn about price fluctuations.

There are five types of Greeks, each with their own significance:

  • Delta: Delta measures the change in an option’s price resulting from a change in the price of the underlying security (basically, its spot price)

  • Gamma: Gamma measures the change in delta with respect to the change in the underlying price.

  • Theta: This helps one measure how much value an option might lose each day as it approaches the expiry day.

  • Vega: Vega helps one understand how sensitive an option might be to large price swings in the underlying security. It is the change in P&L when Implied Volatility changes by 1% point.

  • Rho: Rho signifies the change in options price with respect to change in the risk-free interest rate.

Now that you have Greeks on Dhan (and you already have them on Option Chain integrated with TradingView -, we believe this is one more step in improving your Options Trading experience on Dhan.

That’s not all, as you know investing experience on Dhan is always a notch above. Along with Greeks - we bring a summary of information of PCR & its Interpretation, and yes - also Trade Data with Open Interest (OI) summary on the same view. Yes, enjoy!

As always, every feature on Dhan is in process of continuous improvement based on the feedback and suggestions we get. So keep them coming!

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तुम्ही लोकं नव्या गोष्टी आणत आहात हे चांगलंय, पण तुमच्या सिस्टीमच्या आधीच्या ज्या तक्रारी सांगितल्या आहेत त्यांचं काय?

Tv+dhan च्या watchlist चा प्रॉब्लेम आहे. त्यात A-Z, Z-A arrange होत नाही. Existing watchlist मध्ये sections बनवता येत नाहीत.

Add to watchlist करताना जी watchlist open आहे त्यातच stock add होतोय, इतर watchlist मध्ये पण ऍड करता येण्याचं option drop down menu द्वारे देण्यात यावं.

Tv+dhan वरून ट्रेड टाकताना real time margin येत नाही.

25min tf नाही.

EMA आणि ATR Indicator time frame नाही.

Options chain open केल्यावर त्यात डेल्टा आणि इतर add केल्यावर ती window / box automatic resize होत नाही.
नव्याने add केलेल्या गोष्टी बघायला डाव्या-उजव्या बाजूला स्क्रोल करावं लागतं.

kindly consider to add option greeks in option chain in dhan web trading platform too.

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Hi @kalaimr

Welcome to Dhan community. Yes, adding Greeks on Option Chain for Dhan web is on the cards, we will introduce this.

Meanwhile on the way, it is already available on our TradingView platform: We wrote about this here: Introducing Option Chain on TradingView (

Hi @Gangavarapu ,

Thanks for your suggestion. We will surely evaluate on what we can bring to our enhance your product experience.

Hi @kalaimr

We are glad to inform you that Greeks are available on our web ( now.

We have explained in detail here :



Can you pls provide Option Greeks just like O H L C data and market depth.

User can expand just like market depth to quickly view option greeks prior to placing orders.

Hope this can be implemented easily.

Needed Greeks between OHLC and market depth which can be expanded or collapsed as per requirement.

Hi @bsjhala

Thanks for your suggestion and feedback.
Though we have plans to include Greeks in Option Chain in mobile on similar grounds. We will keep you posted about that.

Why option Greeks not available in options chain