Introducing: Switch Accounts on Dhan

Hey everyone,

At Dhan, we believe in building a wholesome experience for you :star:

While we continue to focus & build core trading & investing features for you like the recent ones Iceberg Orders, Forever Orders with OCO, Group Positions, Trading API Bridge, Real-time Technicals, and more, parallely we are also build now lot of features and offerings around core usage & hygiene features like Trader Controls, Account Management & Updates, Reports and more. You will see updates on both fronts from all of us at Dhan in our journey to provide you the best trading & investing experience.

Users have always referred their friends and fellow traders to Dhan. More recently, they’ve started referring their family members as well. Our product & customer experience has improved so much over the past few months that our users feel the trust and comfort to bring their entire family networth under one platform. Of course, there’s one more reason in case you have missed it - when you refer your friends & family on Dhan, you get 20% of their brokerage as reward every time they trade on Dhan across all our platforms.

We know this happens in India, that in a family - there is someone who keeps a track of the financial accounts (banking, insurance, wealth, investing, pension, tax or more). Sometimes, managing all these accounts can get difficult for that person. We can’t simplify for all these financial instruments (well, at least for now), but we can definitely try to help you keep a track of your family members who are on Dhan - we are doing this by introducing our new addition - Switch Accounts on Dhan.

Please note: this feature has been launched to ensure it is also compliant with all guidelines and norms. So when you can add an additional account to Dhan; to login, you will require the PIN for the account and additionally we will also introduce two-factor authentication (2FA) to Dhan across all trading systems by end of this month.

For security purposes once again we reiterate, please do not share your trading & demat account credentials with anyone. Dhan products are designed to be simple and easy, and largely for self-execution only. Its best to manage your own accounts by yourself, this feature is just built to save a few clicks & taps where the existing user behaviour is being productised.

Do let us know your feedback and help us build Dhan better for you…

Product team at Dhan


Can we add more than 1 accounts for switching?
Currently I don’t see any option to add a third account to the app

Hi @P.R.Dinesh

Currently, two accounts are available for switching on the Dhan app.