Introducing: Weekly SIPs for Mutual Funds on Dhan

Dear Investors :wave:

We have been building Mutual Funds on Dhan for a while now, in this process we have been in touch with many users and taking their feedback. Just like we do for Trading and Investing, our product roadmap and features for Mutual Funds will also largely come from your suggestions.

Today, we are excited to announce that from now you can set up Weekly SIPs for your Mutual Funds on Dhan. This new feature will enhance your investment strategy and provide greater flexibility in your journey for wealth creation, for those who want to invest frequently.

The option to do Weekly SIPs is available to all the Mutual Fund schemes who have provision for SIPs and on a more frequent basis. With Weekly SIPs, you can invest a fixed amount every week, creating a structured approach that can lead to substantial growth in investments and wealth creation opportunities over time.

Why should one do Weekly SIPs

  1. Increased Flexibility: Instead of waiting for a month, you can now invest every week, allowing for better alignment with market movements.

  2. Smoother Cash Flow Management: Spread out your investment amounts to better match your income and expenses.

  3. Power of Compounding: Benefit from more frequent compounding, potentially leading to greater long-term growth.

How to Start a Weekly SIP on Dhan

To set up a Weekly SIP, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Mutual Fund you want to start investing in and click on β€˜Invest’
  2. Click on β€˜Weekly’ checkbox
  3. Select the day of the week you want your SIP to go on
  4. And, your Weekly SIP is set!

As usual, Dhan brings you a simpler and seamless experience to invest in Mutual Funds. It just takes a few steps, under a minute as always to get started with your SIP (weekly or monthly) on Dhan.

Keep sharing your suggestions to help build an incredible Mutual Fund investing experience for you.

Keep Investing with Dhan