Investing in US stocks through NSE IFSC platform

NSE IFSC is allowing retail investors to invest in depository receipts of top US companies. The trading commences from March 3rd. Is Dhan working on integration with NSE IFSC at gift city or having any plans for it?

Hi @arun ,

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We know how important is it for retail investors to invest in the US stocks, and we are very serious on bringing exceptional product experience to our customers in the same regard.

Happy to share that, we are already in the process of registering our company with IFSC for this and will surely let all our community members know once all the process is done.


Please provide an update on US Investing status. @PravinJ @RahulDeshpande

Our product building efforts revolves around multiple things like customer centricity, seamless and lightning fast experience with top notch UI and UX.

For US stocks too, our team is continuously building and iterating on multiple use cases. We want to provide an exceptional product experience to our customers, and are closer to building it.

I will surely let you know once its ready, and we can even try for early/beta access to our community member to get your views and suggestions.

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How long the process of registering your company with IFSC will take its almost been 9 months since your post?

Retail Investors might consider the option on shifting to some other broker already offering their customers exceptional product experience.

Beta version took extremely long period…
Have you dropped the Idea of enabling us retail investors to invest in the US stocks.

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Hi @Rishi-Ritzy ,

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Yes, we are extremely keen on providing users to invest in the US markets. @PravinJ has mentioned mentioned in our post What next to expect from Dhan “We aim to allow Indian investors to invest in Global Markets (including US, and other large international exchanges). It happens via IFSC GIFT City where we are in process of setting up a subsidiary to enable this. Exact timelines of this will be subjective, as US markets are in correction mode for a while. But yes - we want to enable this as well.”

We are looking forward to bringing the feature soon, but as promised we have multiple exciting & priority things lined up as well!

Stay tuned :smiley: