Investing through Small Case

If we invest through small cases mentioned in your App, will it be available in our DP account. Where fee is charged for small case, whether we can see our investments after that too or we have to subscribe again.

Hi @Kuldeep350 Welcome to Dhan community.

Yes - you can invest in smallcase via Dhan. We do not charge any fees for smallcase, its completely free from our side. No charges per smallcase, or for SIP or follow-on transactions or any AMC - I think Dhan is the only stock investing platform that offers same fully free.

You can read more about the smallcase integration and unique features here: Now Live: smallcase. Invest in ideas via smallcase on Dhan. For FREE, and with a seamless experience

More about smallcase on Dhan: smallcases on Dhan - Invest in Ideas, Themes & Strategies

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That’s right. I just wanted to know about Small Cases by experts. They mention charges for 3 months. Suppose I subscribe and invest. Whether my investments will be exited if my subscription expires.
What will be the effect of subscription expiry

Hi @Kuldeep350 Expert smallcase have subscription charges by portfolio managers, this may vary from experts to experts but it is mentioned upfront on every expert portfolio.

Yes, you can subscribe and invest, your investments will not be exited when subscription expires - however the updates from the managers will stop, which includes rebalancing or change of underlying portfolio, etc etc. Stocks will be sold only when you sell them, not otherwise.

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