#InvestingForAll - Dhan is now available for everyone

Dhan is out of early access. Lightning fast investing & trading experience is now available for everyone.

Many Indians, especially the younger generation, have gotten a first hand taste of investing in stock markets in the last 18 months. There are many new investors coming in the markets and they are excited at the prospect of building wealth, and being financially independent. The thing here to understand is that markets are not always fair and they are definitely not rational. But as they say - the market always wins in the long run, regardless of which side you are on.

Investing has two distinct personas - new to investing & in markets for more than a year. The ones who are in markets for a period of time, start loving investing & trading, being on top of their investments, on top of markets, finding and discovering opportunities to invest and trade. We are building for this user behavior, and are happy to see that over 90% of users on Dhan are experienced investors & traders who are using us almost every day.

Currently, about 4% of Indians invest in capital markets and there is a large opportunity here for us to build differentiated investment products for them, starting with Dhan. We believe that India will have 50 Mn active investors in the next 3 years, and this will expand to 100 Mn quickly after that.

We launched Dhan in September 2021 in an invite only mode as we wanted to closely build with our small set of users and achieve product-market fit. After overwhelming support and thorough feedback from our users, we are thrilled to share that Dhan is now open for everyone.

At Dhan, we want to ensure that features & tools that are available to advanced investors & trades should be simplified, and made available to everyone. We strongly believe that a better product experience for investing and trading along with superior customer service is what everyone should get - and that is what we will focus on.

What have we solved in the past 60 days -

  • Onboarding experience now on Dhan gets done quickly, real quick. Many of our recent users have been able to do that in < 5 minutes.
  • Futures & Options activation is now < 2 minutes for few users
  • Super Portfolio - everything you will need to know about your investments, in real-time. Detailed post soon.
  • Watchlist - 1000 stocks, invested watchlist, performance tracking
  • Simplified order placement, with fast order.
  • Fast IPO, application takes < 30 seconds.
  • Integrated After Market Orders - Place 24 x 7
  • Advanced Trading Features - Margins, Real Time Estimator, Open Interest Data, Option Chain w/t Advanced Version
  • Manage Positions (detailed post follows)
  • Full blown web experience with all features.
  • And many other improvements, we want you to discover as you start using Dhan.

We also have introduced a revised pricing for you -

  • Zero Account Opening Fees
  • Zero Annual Maintenance Charges (for Life)
  • Zero Platform Fees
  • Zero Brokerage on Delivery Trades
  • Only Intraday orders are charged at INR 20 per executed order

How are we building Dhan for you? :point_down:

We believe we can only create an exceptional product, if our users like us, trust us, believe in us. With this frame of mind, we set out to build along with them - passionate users who did not shy away from feedback, and kept us on our toes - we call them our “Early Believers”.

After launching on Android and iOS, we quickly launched the web version to give a full blown trading experience to our users. Since we launched, we have iterated on our existing features and also launched industry first features like in-line margin calculator, pre-delivery orders, invested watchlist, advanced option chain, app experience in 7 colors and more from the list mentioned above.

Building for a small set of users sets the right expectations, helps us identify edge cases and overall sets the right strategy. Take our onboarding for example - with all the improvements we carried out in our onboarding, our super fast KYC is now a whole 2 minutes faster and under 5 minutes end to end!

With Dhan, we are building for users who are looking for a great investing and trading experience – something super fast, simple, intuitive, secure and transparent. We are building for traders who want to be in control of how they trade, and investors who want an effective way to manage their money. Dhan’s technology is built from the ground-up – we try to understand our users’ pain points, what works, and what doesn’t for them.

We believe there is a huge scope for improvement in the investing space in India and we are here to work on it. Feedback from our early users is approval that we’re building in the right direction. We look forward to incorporating your feedback to further improve our product and customer experience. Please continue sharing your feedback with us. :raised_hands:

And while we are at this, feel free to share Dhan with your family and friends. :slight_smile:

Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dhan.live
iOS - ‎Dhan on the App Store
Web - web.dhan.co

Thank you,