Came across this video on YouTube, is this facility on DHAN ?

Hey @pavz

I have seen multiple such videos on Youtube and we do get asked to build this. Personally while I feel this makes for good video content on Youtube, but folks need to check that there is almost no liquidity for SLBM on exchanges -

For example today you will see there no bids on NSE. So even if you might have your stocks portfolio to offer for lending, there is no demand for it. Indian stock markets are super liquid for good stocks, and most of stocks are now getting settled on T+1. Hence we have no plans to bring this on Dhan.

One can keep tracking the link above for few more days, things don’t move much.


Got it . thnx for the detailed info , understood SLBM doesnt make sense !

You are right @PravinJ , This feature is only for content😂