Issue with Forever Sell Order

In my account DDPI just got activated today. But I am not being able to place forever order for sell side in cash segment. In forever order window, I am not being able to toggle the button to sell. I am using Edge browser.
Please help me out with this.

Thank you.

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Hi @aritra ,

Our team is working on DDPI implementation for Equity forever orders. We will announce it once we are ready.

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But DDPI is already implemented. right?
And also, how come I am still seeing EDis T-Pin status in portfolio section since my accountโ€™s DDPI is activated?

Yes, @aritra, DDPI is implemented. Foreover is special order type and we are working to integrate this with DDPI.

DDPI update is yet to be pushed on Web and hence you are seeing eDIS option. However, this will not impact the actual trade process. We will push this update on web post the budget week.

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Got it. Thanks for the prompt reply.