Kindly consider Sell legs first when Exit All positions

Hello @t7support

We have pushed some updates. Now, exit all closes sell leg before buy leg.
Will try to replicate freeze limit scenario here again.

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I tried this today. While sell leg did get closed the buy leg was kept open. Please look into this.

Freeze quantity issue still persist.


I tried to exit all positions , however it does not exit SELL legs first , creating multiple clicks to exit all positions. A basic functionality missing and long due.


Still exit all not closing sell leg first. So buy leg remain open and have to be closed again.

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RMS policy. You cannot exit all positions at once, (RMS POLICY)

While i tried to explain them (Dhan) all the time .

In simple credit or debit spread or inn Calendar spread or whatever you have to exit sell leg first then buy leg exit. (In between whatever slippage we face is thats depend on your luck ) ( i have face lot of negative slippage of that) but RMS POLICY is very important.

Only thing i don’t like about Dhan is there RMS POLICY about exit all (all other broker has facility to exit all positions at one click except Dhan) (Its personally my experience)

Just a simple question to @PravinJ and all …

If somebody has taken positions of 3 lots of credit or debit spread on 1 lakh of capital, can he or she exit positions at one click ?
Please explain :pray:

@Hardik @Naman see this video “exit all” doesn’t “exit all”

Hello @t7support

Over here, you are selecting few positions and then exiting ‘selected positions’ only. In this case, the orders are sent directly, without slicing or Sell order before Buy order.

If you do ‘Exit All’, in that case both freeze quantity won’t exceed and sell will be exited before buy.

The exit button becomes active once I select one or more of the open positions. So I guess the intent is to select those and then exit those selected positions. The button is also marked like that “Exit Selected Positions”