Landscape mode in Dhan app and Option trading app

Hi Developers,

Kindly request you to add the below feature to Dhan and options trader app.

  1. Landscape mode support. I use tablet as primary device to follow charts and analyse. It would be helpful if both the apps support tablet in landscape mode. Currently no trading apps have this feature as all the apps are developed focusing mobile platforms.

  2. A separate wallet in option trading app

Hi @Ratheesh, Welcome back on Community, good to see you after a long time.

If your primary use-case is charts for tablet, then I would suggest using - it is fully mobile responsive and will work perfectly on your device in landscape mode.

We have are a singe broking entity across all our apps, so we have to use single account for keeping your money for trading. We cannot split it or add a separate wallet, wont be permitted by the regulations.

Thank you sir, will use for landscape option. I got your point on the wallet part.