Letters From Dhan #2 - Dhan Web Experience

All of us at Dhan are extremely passionate about building products and features that make investing and trading in the stock markets easier and simpler for all. Lightning fast included. :innocent:

We launched our mobile app three weeks back and are overwhelmed with feedback that we received from users on the early access list. One consistent ask from many users was to get the web version of Dhan as quickly as possible. Honestly, we completely missed the part that most investing users now are either working from home or working remotely and of course traders along with mobile also love full screen web experience to manage position, draw charts and much more. We were clear that we didn’t want to ship a scaled down version of the mobile app to the web, and we did not.

Today we are extremely excited to announce our full web version of Dhan with all features available on mobile, and some that are exclusively built for web only. Shipped as fast as we could, we believe our web app provides a much better experience for both investors and traders.

Our users who are accustomed to trade and invest on bigger screens will love the trading experience on the web version of Dhan, now live for you on web.dhan.co.

Bigger Screen, Better Experience

Web trading experience has evolved so much - from the old days of downloadable exe files (you know?), web terminals, heavy websites to now super lite and fast products like Dhan. Experience on the web along with mobile combined should help you analyse the markets better and faster, and help you make decisions to execute your trades or make investments.

There are features we want you to discover as you use, here are few we want to share with you:

Fast Login with QR

We have seen users struggle with adding second factor authentication which is usually PAN or combination of name and birthdate or secret passcode which you forget most of the time. We wanted to keep this simpler and fast, we extend your authenticated mobile app session and help you login to the web - fast.

Some more magic? Open your app and tap on your profile photo or slide the left side menu, you will see the option to Login to Web with QR.

Full Watchlist Experience

We have redefined the watchlist experience for the bigger screen - no point in having a small watchlist on a larger than life web view. :slight_smile:

There are many nice and small things, you can play with your watchlist, rearrange them, change sequence, and everything is done in real-time and synced with mobile app as well. Try this, you will love this and enjoy it as well.

Full-Screen Charts

What else will a trader want, if not charts. Yes we know. We have brought you both your favorite charting tools - TradingView & ChartIQ, with all your indicators and tools, and along with that have introduced trading mode and full screen mode for you to focus on price moments, breakouts, and all to assist you in making decisions.

Market Discovery

We have added the Index Tracker on the web as well, track whichever you want. In addition to this, full market discovery across all - Equity, ETFs, Futures, Options, Commodities, Currency and much more.

Is that all? Of course not. There are tons of features including Company Fundamentals & Financials, News, Option Chain, Open Interest snapshots, Futures snapshots, Manage Positions, and so much more for you to explore. As we promised, a full-blown web experience from Dhan.

I want to say thank you to all our users who are helping us build Dhan. We all enjoy our interactions with you and will continue to be in Building with Dhan users mode for long. Share your feedback with us directly on feedback@dhan.co or here.

We hope you enjoy investing and trading on the bigger screens just as much as we loved building it for you.

Thank you,


Wow. This is what I was waiting for.
Trading through mobile app is convenient but its a pain as well.
Thanks for rolling this out soon !


We are listening to our users and build what they are requesting. Do try out and share your experience with us.

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Hey Pravin,

Thanks for bringing on the web version. Just logged in to the web version, will share my observations asap.


Getting a feature is locked message in Margin summary section on money page. Here is the screenshot:

My KYC verification was already completed 2 days ago.

Sure, our team looks forward to your suggestions. Anytime when you are ready on feedback@dhan.co

Will check this, can you send your registered mobile number with us on help@dhan.co

I got fooled by the web version, despite having order set to “Normal” as Default, a new order got punched in as “Trading”. I realized this only now after this order got auto-squared off as it was an Intraday Order.

Now also, when I open to execute a new order it is taking me to “Trading” despite the order is set to “Normal”

Below is the screenshot when clicked on “SELL”

Default happens for same order type selection, say market order under Trading. We will make this visually also distinct and also communicate well. On mobile app - it is now last option selected stays on for the user.

Got your point.

Now again did similar mistake, And the web version does not have an option to convert the position from Intraday to Normal. I converted the position on the App finally.

If you have an open position on Dhan, when on web do click on the ‘i’ option. It has full experience including the option to convert position.

Sorry, but couldn’t find the option earlier. I am still not able to find the option to convert the position. Looks like, you or your team may have to share exact screenshot where this option is available.
And yes, I have couple of open positions.

Below is the screenshot on clicking i option

“Convert to Intraday” is now visible on the web version after clicking on i option and scrolling down.

We will work to make this a bit better experience.