Live Prices Freezed

Can observe GRASIM live prices not updating , LAst traded price and the bids are not at all in SYNC, please fix this . we will not get the right price in this scenario

@Yash0301 suggest to use Bubbles for screen recording (its free & easy, chrome addin)

hi @pavz low liquidity. Very few orders on this scrip. You can anytime go to the real-time trades and check same.

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Got it, thnx Pravin ! will do it this way.

Sure. We stream prices as they happen, so if the trade volumes slow down at exchange, you may feel that the price have frozen. You can quickly check it this way.

We have uniform broadcast, if it goes down for any reason - say like internet connection going away for a moment, in that case you won’t see any updates - like watchlist, index, portfolio and so on. One specific component of a page is very very unlikely to get frozen. Just clarifying how we have designed Dhan.

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Bringing in this to your notice:

The AVG PRICE is showing up as 0 , due to which the positions are in Negative & Marign too is Blocked.

Guess something wrong in implementation of the Commodity options segment

. please get this checked.

@RahulDeshpande aware of this.

Sure, checking this as well.

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