M2m based exit on trading

supposed I trade on 2 strategies.

  1. Stangle 2) Staddle 4 legs are running
    so, in position tab i am able to put together legs in 2 separate sections and I able to exit from that trade on basis of m2m base.
    Example–> 1) in strangle section i am able to put 1000 profit and 2) in straddle section i am able to put 1500 profit.

this feature will help us to get the maximum profit from trade.
right now, while we are exiting form trade it will fluctuate the m2m.

Hi @chandrakala,

Good to see you back on community after a long time.

We understand where you are coming from and have addressed similar request here:

Hello @JayK

This feature is for stoploss or overtrading.
i am suggesting for profit m2m based exiting.