Manage Funds Requirements more efficiently in Dhan Trading Account

With a vibrant community of users of Dhan, and also for the feedback and suggestions we receive every day from everyone - we know our users are far savvier and smarter than us. Many are using features we shipped over the past few months like - SIP, Forever, Baskets, AMO, and (many coming), including likes of Price Alerts very effectively. Unlike all other subscriptions one makes in our lives, this one appreciates our money if we select the right stocks or trades.

While we analyse our user behavior, we noticed many users either missing opportunities on investing because there were no adequate funds in the Dhan account - missed SIP or missed Forever order. We also observed the number of times funds were added to Dhan trading accounts during market hours, many at the last moment - resulting in losing precious time when all triggers/alerts to take a trade were met, but unfortunately required funds or margins were not maintained.

We decided to work on this for both investors and traders, and today have introduced a new feature to keep you posted on the fund shortage/requirements in Dhan - and we will also be upgrading the margin utilization views in the coming days.

So what exactly does the fund shortage feature show?
Fund shortage provides you with an exact calculation based on the orders you have placed in multiple scenarios on Dhan - this includes your SIPs, Forever Orders, Basket Orders, After Market Orders, Obligations towards Margin, and others. Once you are aware of this, you can better plan your funds to ensure your expected orders are not missed from a long-term perspective, and for short-term trades, you add money to the Dhan account based on your strategies and baskets created.

Where can I find Funds Shortage and its details?

Firstly, a fund shortage overview only appears when there is an upcoming or ongoing order under the fund’s section on mobile app and web, only if there is a shortage. Else we don’t remind you of this.

Fund Shortage - you can simply add funds by tapping on the “Add Fund” button or if you want to view the explanation kindly tap on “View explanation of fund shortage”

Over here, you can see the detailed explanation related to your fund shortage. On top of the overall calculation, the amount is updated. Below that, Add Buffer - As we all are aware of the market volatility add buffer includes a buffer to factor in the change in price to avoid order rejection.

Explanation of fund shortage is provided for:

  • Stock SIPs
  • Basket Orders
  • Forever Order for next 30 days
  • Aftermarket orders
  • Margin obligation if any.

Please note that the fund shortage shown is for the calculator purpose only. Orders will be initiated on a first come first serve basis for margin & funds usage.

Is this live on Dhan?

Yes, it is, live now on Dhan mobile apps on Android & iOS. On the Web, this will be available shortly, at max by next week on Monday. We don’t tinker around much on trading days :slight_smile:

Keep enjoying the Dhan investing & trading experience. Suggestions are always welcome.

Please note - Fund shortage shown for calculation purpose only. Orders will be initiated on a first come first serve basis for margin usage.

-Kiran Upadhyay


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