Margin calculation issue

Hey @PravinJ @Naman ,

Not sure what changes you’ve made for margin calculation since last 3-4 sessions, it has became highly unstable. Weird wrong calculation and it doesn’t allow to close the position on time. Had to book loses due to system insufficiency.

Kindly please investigate these orders and try to resolve this issue ASAP.

Hi @amit

We checked, all is running fine. Seems you had a 50 buy positions open when 100 sell was added. Which triggered this message.

Hey @PravinJ,

Let me explain what had happened.

I had 2 lots of (50qty) open position and I clicked Reverse Position from the chart. Open position on chart got frozen, I could not close the position from chart. Tried to refresh the browser page, but it didn’t help. Finally, from the “Account Manager” panel somehow I closed the position.

On checking with Dhan support, learnt that I ran into margin issue because of Reverse Position. I really don’t think if this is how Reverse Position should work. Ideally, Reverse Position should first close the existing open position and then create new position with same qty. There should not be any issue related to margin, because I had open position with same qty before as well.

Looking forward for your comments.

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Hey @PravinJ @Naman ,

Can we expect correction in margin calculation while doing Reverse Position? or otherwise what’s the point of Reverse Position feature?