Margin trading & Pledge Margin

HI Dhan team,

Very eagerly waiting to push a major portion of funds to Dhan.
Would like an overall experience.
When can we expect?

  1. Margin Trading
  2. Pledge Margin on equities
  3. Direct Mutual funds
    Can we expect #1 and #2 at the earliest?

Please give an ETA

We are in the process of developing a seamless flow to transfer the holdings from different brokers to us. We want to set the right experience for our users so until then, request you to kindly wait before you transfer.

Point 1,2 :
Thanks for the feedback, we are evaluating the features that can be beneficial to our users. We will let you know once we plan on releasing it.

Point 3:
Right now, we are focusing on Equities and ETFs only. We are focusing on delivering exceptional experiences to our users in this regard.