Margin View Improvement

Quick improvement that could help us make quicker decisions on F&O is a distinction between collateral ( Equity ) vs Collateral ( Liquid funds ) . Please show cash equivalent collateral that we get from pledging liquid bees etc., under liquid funds or cash equivalent

A screenshot from your competitor’s website …

Hi @DVKR, noted this. I don’t think at the moment we have this provisional in our systems to show this separately, if it is available - will try to bring this on front end.

Also from my I can guess, this won’t be a real-time view. At max you can see this for a value at start of the day and won’t change until next updated. So if you are getting any collateral benefit, it will be a static value for the collateral that you have pledged for margin - which you may easily see in Dhan’s pledge view.

Sure, your team might already be managing this value as SEBI mandates 50% of the margin required (when trading futures and selling options) to be maintained in cash. Liquidbees collateral margins are considered equivalent to cash for this purpose

Yes, you are right about this.