MF Fund Performance on Dhan

When I’m on investing mutual fund, I see there is fund performance chart which has terms like “Regular Mutual Fund” and “This Fund on Dhan”. Can you help me understand difference between them?

Hi @ameyaadam,

So, the chart you’re talking about basically shows how much you could potentially make from different types of investments like fixed deposits (FDs), Regular Mutual Fund Plans, and Direct Mutual Funds if you invest the same amount for the same amount of time.

Regular Mutual Fund Plans work through middlemen like brokers or banks, who take a cut of your earnings in the form of commissions included in the fund’s expense ratio. So, the returns you see are after these commissions are taken out.

But with “This Fund on Dhan,” It’s all about direct Mutual Funds available on the Dhan platform. When you invest here, you’re cutting out the middlemen and dealing directly with the Mutual Fund company. That means no commissions, no hidden fees. Plus, because there are no middlemen, the expense ratio is lower compared to the regular plan.

Hope that clears things up! Let me know if you have any more questions.

Yes it was helpful, Thanks a lot :grin:

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