Mobile App Feature Improvement

I don’t know if there’s any existing thread on this issue or not but let me highlight it.

What I would personally like is when I tap to exit from the mobile app it shouldn’t ask me to select that “green tick” from the confirmation dialog. Instead of that, it should be something like “Press again” to exit just like in any other app.

Being a developer myself, I feel like it ain’t user friendly.

Do let me know what you guys think of it.

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Hi @kapilgarg03

Valid point, and this is first time someone has mentioned this. We will make this happen.

Thank you


I always want it to minimize and run in the background rather exit and ask us to re-login. it should only ask for exit post market hours.


Thank you, Pravin! Will be waiting for the update :smiley:

Very true. It should ask for re-login after some time for sure. It should be running in the background for a specific time, if not the entire market hours.