More priority for web platform

I saw so many new features are introduced by dhan Team, thank you for that.
But look like your giving more priority on mobile app instead of the web platform, but as a trader or want to become a trader don’t like to use mobile for trading and professional trader also suggest the same, please consider this as request and try to give more priority for a web platform.

i do also agree with this . The Web platform should be given equal weight while bringing new features and it should be seamless execution . you are saying it is a lightning fast order execution, but it is actually not .You can with other broker platforms.

But one good thing you are doing is taking user feedback and implementing it quickly, which other brokers are not.

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Hi @Hemanthcj

We build features independent on platforms and roll out them as and when they are ready. Sometime for select users and then for all. At times we are doing web first as well - like Live Scanners, recently and also few user experience improvements are web first.

Feedback noted, let us know which ones you would like to see on web. We will prioritise accordingly.

Thank @Smk Welcome to Dhan community.

Let us know which features you would like to see on priority, we will bring them up.

thanks for quickly reply . i will provide the feedback on features required

we are on

Option Greeks and Option trading app I’m eagerly waiting for an option trading web portal.