Move shares to Dhan: Upgrade your Investing Experience

Hey everyone,

One of our most requested feature since we launched has been the ability to transfer shares from your existing broker to Dhan!

The reasons were usually:

  1. You want to experience a better and a fast investing and trading experience. :zap:
  2. You’re tired of their having their portfolio spread across multiple brokers! :sweat:
  3. You simply love us! :heart:

So here’s your handy guide on a step-by-step process to transfer your shares from any existing broker to your favourite Dhan platform.

Note: Since most popular brokers have CDSL as their depository (including us), this post will cover the 100% online and seamless method of transferring shares between CDSL-based demat accounts. If your existing broker does not support this, do reach out to us on or in the comments section here.

Pro Tip 1: The CDSL Demat account number is a 16 digit numeric code and NSDL code is a 14 digit numeric code that starts with IN. For example, a Demat account number assigned by CDSL will be 0143876589104321 while an NSDL Demat account will have a number in the format of IN01234567891044.

For Dhan, swipe right from the left side of your screen or simply click on you profile photo. Click on the Top Bar to go to “My Profile” section. Click on “Profile & Account Details”. Under Account Details, your 16 digit CDSL Demat account number will be mentioned (see image below).

Copy or note down this number. You’ll need it.

Pro Tip 2: The first 8 digits of your CDSL Demat Account is your DP ID. All Dhan customers will have the same DP ID (12083400). The last 8 digits is your Client ID. This is unique for each Dhan customer.

Now that we’re done with the basics, let’s start!


Step 1: Register at CDSL Easiest by clicking here.

Important: Enter the DP ID and Client ID of the broker from where you wish to transfer the shares. Do not enter the details of Dhan here.

Step 2: You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number.

Step 3: On Account Details, enter your preferred username and a security Q&A. Make sure you check the “Trusted Account (Pin)” box before you click Continue.

Step 4: Enter a Trusted Account [This is a CDSL account where you want to transfer shares]

This is where you will enter your Dhan Demat Account. (Refer Pro Tip 2)

Step 5: Group your BO IDs [Optional]

You can add any BO IDs available in the pre-approved list. These will be your CDSL demat accounts with other depository participants. However, if no pre-approved accounts exist, you can skip this step.

Step 6: Your Registration is now complete!

Once your registration is complete, the validation will take 24-48 working hours. You will be able to transfer shares using CDSL easiest after the validation has been completed.

Pro Tip 3: Look out for a mail from - it will contain the password to login to the platform. Note this down, along with the preferred username you had set in Step 3 above.

This is a new step that has been added by CDSL from January 2024. We’ve explained the same here. Please come back to this page once you’ve completed Part B.


Now that you have successfully mapped your beneficiary to CDSL, we can begin the share transfer process.

Step 1: Login to CDSL Easiest by clicking here.

To get your username and password, refer Pro Tip 3.

Step 2: Once you have logged in, select “Setup” from the “Transaction” section.

Step 3: On this screen, you need to click on “Bulk Setup”.

Step 4: You need to select ‘Transaction’ and enter the execution date and enter the Beneficiary owner ID (BOID), you need to transfer the shares to.

Step 5: Click Account ISINs and you can see the list of all ISINs in your holdings.

Select the ones you want to transfer, select the quantity and the reason for trade as “Transfer to own account(s)”.

Step 6: You can see the ISIN details here. Now, you need to click on ‘Submit’ to set up.

Step 7: On submission, you will get this message. Next, you need to verify your request.

Step 8: Click on Verify.

Step 9: Click on Commit.

Note: You needn’t fill in the Exchange ID, CounterParty Exchange ID, Market Type, Counterparty Market Type, Settlement ID and Counter Settlement ID for off-market transactions.

Step 10: Enter your CDSL Easiest PIN.

Note: This is not your 6-digit numeric CDSL TPIN. It is an 8-digit alphanumeric PIN that you would have received on your registered email id when you registered on CDSL easiest.

With this final step, your share transfer request is finally done!

This is now sent to your old broker for confirmation. On confirmation, the request is approved and the transfer will be done. If your request is not approved within a 24-48 hour window, kindly follow up with your existing broker.

A few clarifications:

(1) Transfer can happen between individual accounts only.
(2) Certain brokers will charge you a nominal fee per company that you want to transfer out. Kindly get in touch with your broker for the same as you may need to maintain necessary balance in your ledger.
(3) Once the transfer is complete, the cost price of your holdings will not get updated. On a separate post next week, we will update the procedure for the same.

Move to Dhan today. Our team is always here to guide you.

Product @ Dhan


Detailed Write Up ! and thnx :orange_heart:

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What about NSDL?? HDFC Sec has NSDL as depository. Please guide on the same.

I have transferred shares demat to guys have given us the feature to update the price but there’s no way where we can enter the trade dates. How will it reflect correctly in our tax P&L when we sell off our position

Secondly, I have noticed that I had to update the price more than once for the same transferred shares. There seems to be a bug in the feature

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Whenever we try to update the price of transferred ETFs , the app gets hanged and then one has to kill the app and again login

Hi @onsomani,

Thanks for highlighting this issue, We are fixing this in our next release.

Appreciate your understanding in this matter. Keep sharing feedback/suggestions this will enable us to build seamless products for our customers.

Any update regarding NSDL depository share transfer process ?
@PravinJ @shraddha @Anirudha

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Hi @Bhargav, for NSDL, I believe it is an offline process. Kindly get in touch with your broker for the same.

I transferred share from angel to dhan.

When i add a Price in add price option and date

It’s shows wrong.

I updated price 900 but is show’s 1178.39

Can i edit this now ??
Please help

I attached screenshot here @PravinJ @Anirudha @shraddha

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Hi @Bhargav,

We were unable to find your details. Could you kindly email me from your registered email ID so that I can quickly follow up on this?

My email:

@Anirudha - I am not getting anything under dropdown Counter BO ID in step 4. Any idea what I could be doing wrong.

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Hi @NitishMidha,

This could be due to an incorrect registration process - did you enter the details of the existing broker in first step of registration and the demat BO ID of Dhan in the trusted details section of registration? Usually most errors come when we interchange the BO IDs in these two steps.


Today I registered for easiest. Tried to transfer shares now. But system prompts that ‘no isin is available’. In demat list of Fyers 6 scripts are available. Please inform the process to move further.

Today I am able to do and transferred all my holdings to Dhan.

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That’s great to hear @PSR,

Let us know how you like the experience at Dhan!

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Sir, I got great experience in Dhan. I couldn’t expect this much smooth landing in Dhan when I opened account on 14th April…You are not one among the discount brokers. You are top in the list. I like your mobile app. Keep it up, Dhan & family.


Thanks for your feedback and kind words about your experience on Dhan. If there are any suggestions for us to improve, please let us know.

Welcome to Dhan Family!

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Moving to Dhan is so simple via cdsl easiest. The step by step guidance issued by you has helped me to complete the process without any difficulties. within a day all my securities were moved on Friday.

Thanks for the support.

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Ms. Kiran. I am delighted to have come to Dhan. One of my request in Mobile app is ’ Notifications’. If an order executes, if alert sound produced, its helpful for traders. Or else push notification of having the order executed is enough.

Thanks .

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Hi @PSR,

Thanks again for your feedback.

Please note that we do have both the order executed & notification sound. You will see the trade notification option under my profile section. I have attached a screenshot for your reference.

Hope you continue to enjoy your investing & trading experience on Dhan, let us know your feedback and suggestions to improve as you continue to use it.

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