Mutual Funds Investment through Dhan App?

Any updates on Mutual Funds Investment through Dhan App? I’m seriously liking this app for Intraday & Delivery trades!

Hi @kapilgarg03 ,

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Currently, we are evaluating to introduce Mutual Funds platform from Dhan. We are obsessively focused on improving the stock broking experience for all our users, as we believe there’s a huge scope for introducing industry first and extremely useful features that will help traders and investors to make informed decisions.

Stay tuned in our community, as whenever we plan on announcing the Mutual Funds platform, community members will be the first ones to know and also be eligible for exclusive access.

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@RahulDeshpande , Give importance to direct mutual fund access also - i am pledge those mutual fund and trade in zerodha -they are long term plan , if you bring mutual fund pledging half of the zerodha customer will transfer to DHAN


Thanks for the reply @RahulDeshpande !!!

Well, the only reason I have not switched from my other broker to Dhan is because of Mutual Funds. I want all my investments in one place to track easily. If Dhan is for those who love to invest you should definitely consider adding Mutual Funds ASAP.


Yes definitely @RahulDeshpande . Many people that I know have not signed up yet coz Dhan doesn’t offer investing in mutual funds yet. It’s high time.


Any update on by when can we expect this?

Could you update on this

Hey @rrhc1504, be assured you will be the first one to know when we do launch Mutual Funds :slight_smile:

could you please update me on this?

Hi @sainath.tulluri

Welcome to Dhan community. Yes, we have started our work on Mutual Funds product and aim to launch it on Dhan soon. We will keep our community updated as always on things we are bringing to Dhan.


thanks for the confirmation PJ.

having mutual funds and getting trading margin on them is really the last straw in moving my options selling business over to Dhan.

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[quote=“rrhc1504, post:8, topic:1339, full:true”]
Could you update on this
[/quote]Could you update on this

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Hi @Jannytaylor ,

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Can you please send your query on will all the details, will look into it.

Hi @PravinJ / @RahulDeshpande - Any updates on the mutual funds product in Dhan App…waiting eagerly.

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Welcome to our little community at Dhan @Shibnath.Mukherjee

Yes, we have started work in the background on Mutual Funds. We hope to bring it to our users and you soon.


Any update on this.? Expected date?


Any update on mutual fund investments?

Hi @AshaTapre & @ayshaoyem ,

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Mutual Funds is still in progress, we will be soon launching it. Will surely let you know once we are expected to go live.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Its been 1 year and I am still waiting for this feature, so i can move all my investment to dhan, but i think i have to wait more.