Mutual funds SIP feedback

Good day @PravinJ

Need more flexibility in choosing SIP frequency wrt competition

Suggestion 1: Need daily, weekly, biweekly and custom dates too giving the user to invest better based on his needs

I haven’t started investing in Dhan platform coz I need daily & weekly SIP choice

Suggestion 2: Basket has only bulk investment choice. Need SIP choice in basket.


Hi @VSDTheTrendSailor

Noted! It’s in our roadmap. We’re currently in the process of enhancing SIPs flexibility option.

Correct. We need daily sip feature.

Hi @vivekvorani ,

Yes, this is on our list of things to do. We have been adding investing features slow and steady now, there are many more to come.

Hey @VSDTheTrendSailor, we now have weekly SIPs in Mutual Funds.

More on this here :point_down:

@shraddha @Saurav.P

Great :ok_hand:t2:

Now daily and custom dates are pending

Awaiting soon :+1:t2: