Need a function GetLTP(symbol)

Instead of using the websocket we should be able to use synchronous function call to get the last traded price of a symbol. Otherwise coding is getting complicated.

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Indeed, This feature is very much required.


@Hardik pls add this feature. Other brokers have this in their API. @VijayNair also requested this sometime back.


Yes. Very much needed. And provided by all other top brokers, including free brokers.


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@t7support @VijayNair

Yes, noted. On LTP API, our view has been that it is not an efficient way to fetch prices. Since there are multiple ticks that we ourselves receive in a second, sending the same on REST API implies one random tick from that we will be sending. Although the ease of integration with REST API exists, which makes this a considerable factor.

This is why we prioritised Live Market Feed, will relook at this again.

There is no sanctity in sec-by-sec data either ways imo (its mostly noise), so dont get caught up in that kind of analysis - ltp polling is for convenience (especially for people running multiple strategies involving dynamic contracts). Please provide what your customers want (instead of deciding what they dont want) is my humble suggestion.


Indeed!! Iā€™m currently fetching the LTP of many contracts as Iā€™m presently connected with another broker and looking forward to connecting with Dhan, so to connect sockets for multiple contracts, fetching LTP is more convenient.


Websocket is a good choice. That is useful and may continue. But GetLtp function is also required.

You can also consider giving live data on redis . If that seems reliable.

@Prem_Patel @VijayNair @Garlapati_Srikanth

Noted this. Will do a feasibility evaluation internally and look into this.