Need list of all stocks with Code Dhan uses for bulk load


Trading view charts have feature to add stocks in bulk, we just need to use them separated by comma.

Dhan uses code like NSEE10794:CANBK for stock instead of simple code like NSE:CANBK-EQ. I want to know what is this code and how can I get list of all stocks in code so that I can add stocks in watchlist in bulk based on my filter?

As you can see they get added as soon as I hit enter


Hi @Saurabhs19

A new way to build watchlists is coming soon on Dhan, with that you will not have to worry about any of these. We are few days away for that.


Thanks @PravinJ, that would be awesome. I have multiple broker accounts but I have come to like Dhan most because of features, consistency and fluidity. Want to have it as one stop solution for everything, tired of jumping brokers.

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Noted @Saurabhs19. The new solution will help you move your watchlist (no matter on which platforms or brokers) to Dhan. We are testing this already.

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Interesting :star_struck::star_struck: